What to Pack for the Wilderness Beach


A trip to the beach is exciting no matter how far you’re coming from, and what you pack for a beach trip depends on how long you’ll stay. If you’re like me, and you want to take a week or so to really just enjoy being where you’ve traveled, then it’s important to know what […]

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Avoid Strangers in Your Travel Photos


It’s annoying isn’t it? You have your lens pointed out at the most incredible and uninterrupted view somewhere that you’ve spent a fair bit of money to holiday at… and someone ruins it. Someone wearing a fanny pack, binoculars, a camera and a sun visor has pulled her children in and her husband is being […]

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Get Out and Get On the Beach


These days, people are all too often stuck in front of a screen both at work and at home. When we are at work it is our computer, and at home it’s the television, and we’re never really unplugged, or turned off. Some think that watching TV is relaxing, but it actually isn’t, it doesn’t […]

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Diving Along an Underwater Garden Route

Underwater diving is one of those past-times that is far more than a hobby, it becomes a passion. To see a world so unlike the one above water that we live in, teeming with life and abundant, vibrant colour is something no words can accurately convey. Diving was once only done by those who got […]

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Come for the Whales, Stay for the Pleasure!

hermanus right back whale

The West Coast brings marine life lovers from all over the world to South Africa. Home to the Southern Right Whale, we’re just about ready to welcome them back to our shores, where they breach close enough to be seen with the naked eye, frolicking and playing as they breed in protected waters, and do […]

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Health Benefits of the Sun

Health Benefits of the Sun

The sun has been the giver of life and a symbol of great reverence in times past. The Greeks, Mayans and Egyptians gave much weight to Gods of the sun, and with great reason. The sun brings about a ton of health benefits that even those ancient civilizations were smart enough to respect.

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Wilderness Restaurants You Cannot Miss

At On the Beach you’ll be treated to great food and amazing accommodations, luxuriously caressed by the sound of the surf, but it pairs so perfectly with some of the best ranked restaurants on the Garden Route found only here in Wilderness!  Many of the establishments here have been given awards and 5 star rankings […]

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Health Benefits Offered by On the Beach

healthy woman jumping for joy on the beach

People are not designed by nature to be closed into a box while at home, or at work for long periods of time. Simply trading one box for another doesn’t help the issue either, it’s a matter of routine causing the doldrums and a desperate need to escape almost anywhere to bring back the pep to your step.

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The Best of South Africa On the Beach

We often hear life referred to as the “rat race” and there’s no doubt it is so, as we scurry from place to place in a big hurry to get nowhere often, hoping we manage to find that cheese at the end of our manic running about. Life can be overwhelming, or just tedious and […]

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Fun Things To Do At the Beach

things to do on the beach

Whether you’re a young person yourself, or even just a young-at-heart parent, going to the beach can mean tons of fun adventures to be had. It’s not just about walking along the beach, or endlessly searching for seashells though you could certainly still do both! The beach in Wilderness, South Africa offers such a serene […]

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Welcome to On the Beach in Wilderness

welcome to on the beach

Wilderness, situated along the famous Garden Route in South Africa, is one of the most popular West Coast destinations you must see when visiting. Home to lush, green, rolling hillsides that meet the impressive Outeniqua Mountain range, and beaches with sand that appears soft as spun golden sugar, Wilderness is a place apart from any […]

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