The Best of South Africa On the Beach

The Best of South Africa On the Beach

We often hear life referred to as the “rat race” and there’s no doubt it is so, as we scurry from place to place in a big hurry to get nowhere often, hoping we manage to find that cheese at the end of our manic running about. Life can be overwhelming, or just tedious and everyone needs a chance to detox, and get away from all that stress and anxiety that adds up just by living. There are a great deal of factors to consider though before just getting on a plane and heading out to adventure, like where you want to go. You can be in a city or just outside of one, and alternately you could be totally surrounded by wilderness and rolling hills, or situated right on the beach. You may also want to consider how much you have to spend on your holiday, and be able to rest easy knowing that wherever you go is well within your budget to be comfortable, and to actually relax instead of worrying over every bit spent. How much time do you have to be away from work? Planning the perfect holiday can be tiresome and time consuming but it is worth every moment in the end.

Few people come to South Africa to stay in the city, and though you could always do that – most prefer to find a beach house somewhere to indulge their senses with the sounds of the pounding surf and to tickle their toes in the white sands. On the Beach Guesthouse puts you directly on the sands themselves for quick and easy access the moment you want to be within arms reach of the ocean. A place like this provides the ultimate in comfort while you’re away from home and gives you the freedom to be away from the hustling bustling city. You’ll get a chance to recharge, where the solitude is serene and calming. There is so much to do here and really affordable considering the exchange rates between foreign currency and South African rands. This means you can do much more for much less money.

Everyone has this dream destination in mind when they think about those two words. Perhaps they saw it in an advertisement, or a photo. Maybe someone they worked with was chatting and raving about their last trip and it stuck with you that you must go there one day. The trouble with a lot of dream destinations is the overwhelming costs involved, when white sandy beaches, a vibrant and historical culture, and a massive variety of fine foods and comforts are things you can get in many places. South Africa takes it so much farther with the amount of wildlife that can be seen, the views of not just a beach but also incredible mountains like the Outeniqua Mountains where there is a waterfall you can get to by horseback. Wilderness manages to offer so much for even the most modest budget that you’ll find you don’t need to cut out anything you really want to do while visiting, and it costs so much less than those destinations that are always promoted at high rates and which are always packed full of tourists.

South Africa manages to stay a well-kept holiday destination no matter how much time passes, and they put much time and effort into keeping historical buildings and structures in place so it can be preserved for all to see. There are many maritime museums and destinations near Wildnerness worth exploring for these very reasons. Anyone who has visited South Africa will tell you it won’t be their last trip, and it has already probably been at least their second if not more. Once you see it, there’s no going back to life as usual without wanting more. The internet is a great research tool before heading out on holiday, especially for an area that is as rich and diverse as South Africa’s Garden Route. From Google Images alone, it can be easy to see why people return year after year.

If you’re looking to experience what a taste of heaven on earth is like, in a destination and accommodation that seems to stand outside of time, where life is calm and slow, happy to leisurely meander at your pace, then there’s no better destination than Wilderness South Africa, and On the Beach Guesthouse. Taking a holiday is such a good thing to do for your well-being and mental health, so be sure you plan out as much as you can beforehand, and know that people at On the Beach are happy to help you do this in any way they can. You’ll get to see firsthand why it is referred to as “The Rainbow Nation”, bright and colourful, vibrant with the pulse of the ancient land itself, whose people and culture never cease to impress.

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